One of the greatest honors of my professional life was being asked to be a guest on the popular Building A StoryBrand podcast. There may not be anyone in this world I respect more than Donald Miller. His laser focus on helping businesses grow by better connecting with their audience is amazing.

Simply put, he just gets it. I also had the pleasure of getting to know Don on a personal level and he is just as genuine in person as he is in his videos and on stage.

“In this episode of the Building a StoryBrand podcast, we’re going to take away the confusion behind email marketing. I interviewed Francis Jones of Infusionsoft, a software company that offers small business marketing tools. He shares eight common email mistakes he sees beginners make when they start email marketing — plus what to do instead.”

Don describes the year over year and attributes the lion’s share of that success to email marketing. It is a really powerful tool for businesses of any size. And if you haven’t gotten serious about email marketing yet, now is the time.

Chances are, you already know that. But you’re wondering how to get started. You’re thinking, “It’s too big. I don’t know how to do it.”

Listen to this episode and schedule an hour of time to implement even one of these ideas, and you’ll make a dramatic impact on your business.

Are You Making These 8 Beginner Email Marketing Mistakes?

It doesn't matter whether you are just getting started with your email marketing or you have been doing it for awhile, these are simple mistakes that can easily be avoided. In this guide, you will learn how to avoid the simple mistakes that can trip up even the most experienced marketers.

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