You don’t have to sacrifice profits when you put the customer where they belong

Customer Success Design and Coaching

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Process Design and Improvement

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Ongoing Coaching and Mentoring

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Putting your customer first seems like an easy thing to do and it is…until the end of the month. Every department has a goal to hit and when push comes to shove, it feels like all of your good intentions get thrown right out the window.

Unforunately, it’s the customer that almost always seems to suffer the most.

So how do you make sure that the customer always remains first, right where they belong? It takes planning and commitment.

If you want to create a customer first environment, you need to create a customer journey that focuses on the customer.

It’s time to for your business to get back to it’s roots and create a solid customer journey that helps the customer succeed…and I can help.

Thomas is a strong customer advocate and champion.  At Infusionsoft, he pioneered, tested, and implemented significant changes to the customer experience.  He wasn’t content to simply study the data, he also talked to hundreds of customers and then combined those learnings into a plan to help the customers succeed.  His ability to challenge the status quo, in a productive way, helped drive customer success.  His ability to take that knowledge and apply it to help other organizations is  amazing.  I’ve seen again and again the impact he can have on an organization.  Additionally, Thomas is a delight to work with.  He’s one of those extraordinary human beings who is both brilliant and down-to-earth.”

Amanda S.

VP of Customer Success, Infusionsoft

“I’ve been to conferences and sat in hundreds of sessions and learned any number of things I can do to get a return on my investment in my business.  I know all of those things will help, but in the back of my mind, I always knew doing those things would only exacerbate all of the little problems I was dealing with at the time.  If I 10x my business, I’ll also 10x (or more) my problems.  No thanks.
What Thomas did during our time together was give me an overarching framework around customer success.  I know I can build my business, regardless of the direction I decide to take it because of what he taught me.  What I really walked away with is a framework for our businesses to grow in a way that we know we won’t be growing a ball and chain of problems along with it.  Because for every interaction our customers have with us, we have a process for helping them succeed.”

Christie H.

Owner, Benelds LTD

Thomas has an amazing ability to spot opportunities in every customer interaction. We talked through off the cuff everyday interactions and dove deep into mapping out a full customer journey. I’ve known Thomas for years now and am still blown away by his ability to create an incredible experience out of what could have been a mundane user task. Being able to intentionally build a customer-focused experience with Thomas made me wish I could live the experience that he helped develop, I can’t wait to hear our customers reactions.”

Steve R.

CEO, FunnelBeat

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I know what it’s like to struggle with figuring out what success means to the customer, let alone figuring out how to provide the tools for them to achieve it.

Over the last 7 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of businesses on issues large and small that ultimately impact their customer’s success, while helping their company growth. From processes and tools to culture and leadership, I’ve learned how to help them put the customer first in a world of competing priorities.